Scary Shopping for the Horrordaze

December 16th, 2012

One of my favorite things about being an artist in the Halloween and horror scenes is all of the awesome, talented, and creative people I’ve met and became friends with. While I ended up getting to this post a little bit later than I’d intended to, and didn’t have time to write up as many reviews/features as I hoped, I still want to get this post out there and urge you to check out all of these guys’ awesome stuff!


Kitty Korvette presents Kustom Purr-fume
Gore-geous, talented, and as sweet as any Halloween treat, Kitty Korvette creates high quality custom purr-fume blends. Her line of fragrance combinations is so extensive it’s sure to make your head spin (muahaha!), and if you can’t find *the* purr-fume that’s right for you, Kitty can create a custom blend just for you- like my own purr-fectly pumpkiny, purr-fectly titled Texas Pumpkin Massacre!




Visible Horror Custom Framing
Tanner at Visible Horror Custom Framing creates and designs horror themed light boxes and other custom merch. His light boxes are both well made and well designed, with a collection of in stock designs he can also take your idea and build one custom for you! He made my Texas Chainsaw Massacre Hitchhiker lightbox perfectly to my specifications- he matched the color of the van in the film and even smeared the blood design on the side! Mousepad and VHS cover notepad are also Visible Horror creations.



Of corpse, as an artist myself, I’m also a big fan of many other visual artists as well!


Artwork by Jayde Hilliard
Website – Etsy – Facebook


James S. Cole Illustration
Website – Facebook


Ghoulish Gary Pullin
Website – Facebook


Zombie Romance
Website – Etsy – Facebook

Sick of the same old horror posters just slapped on a black t-shirt? Check out these guys for awesome original shirt and poster designs and other merch!


Pallbearer Press
Website – Etsy – Facebook


Website – Facebook


Atomic Cotton
Website – Facebook


Artopsy Productions


More awesome handcrafted art pieces…


Artwith Latex


Ugly Art Dolls by Ugly Shyla


Bazooka Jenn’s Craft Attack

Original masks and props…


Killer Design


Dark Creations


The Zombified’s 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

November 23rd, 2012

Earlier this month, I ran a Halloween Costume Contest over on The Zombified’s Facebook page. I announced the winners over there last week, but I also wanted to share the winners and all of the entries here on the blog as well.

 First Place 

Branden aka Mr. Gracie McBobbin

 And while I wasn’t  initially planning on grilling anyone for more info on their costume(s), this one was so interesting I just had to ask him to tell me more about the character he created and his process in creating such a bad ass and unique costume! This is what he had to share:

As usual, I was just thinking about monsters and monster associated people, items and activities. My thoughts turned to the old Plague Doctors, and how they used to dress in those weird outfits and wear those goofy, creepy bird-like masks.

I know all the ‘historical reasons’ and what-have-you, but in my mind I started to imagine a secret sub-blot where they were dressing in homage and imitation of some ghastly Plague Demon in the hoped of appeasing it (or maybe tricking it) and thus not contracting the plague themselves.

It just sort of grew from there, into a big bird monster.

The costume originally had a large skeletal rib cage in the front which contained a sound system, but it did not work with the beak being so long so I had to remove it.

This costume also originally had stilts for legs as well as arms, but due to the limited visibility of the head and needing a different body when the rib cage didn’t work, those were removed and replaced with the robe sort of covering.

I saved all the other components for use with a future costume however, so they may eventually make another appearance.

Here is a link to the full album with alternate views if you would like to see more:

As far as the construction goes on this one…
The head is made of different types of foam, covered with cloth or paint.

The light up eyes are made of LEDs and xmas ornaments.

The extra arms are cloth covered foam over a PVC frame.
The body is 2 brown bed sheets I bought at walmart at 2am on Oct 31st when I finally gave up trying to force the rib cage and quad stilts to work. Sort of last minute, and I sort of wish I had gone with a different colour, but I was exhausted and out of time and still in a terrible sadness at the original design having to be changed.


VanEtten came in at a very close second with this costume!
She (awesomely) submitted a second costume, which you can see in the gallery at the end of this post.

Tanner Hutchison 
also submitted two additional costumes!

Jon Nelson

 Thanks so much to everyone who sent in their photos! 

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Bride of Frankenberry – Final Art and Progress

November 13th, 2012

I posted the progress from Grave Robbing in Texas recently here on the blog. That went over so well on The Zombified’s Facebook page that I posted another for my Bride of Frankenberry!


Watch out for this and the other new prints over on The Zombified’s Etsy store1

Rollin’ Grill A Go Go

November 11th, 2012

After doing Grave Robbing in Texas, I couldn’t resist doing a piece inspired by a line in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2!

Watch out for the new prints on The Zombified’s Etsy shop!

The Zombified’s 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

November 7th, 2012

Greetings, Zombifiends!!

You ghouls know that Halloween is serious business here at The Zombified, and what better way to celebrate/mourn the passing of Halloween 2012 than with a costume contest?

The photos have already started creeping (muahaha!) in over on The Zombified’s Facebook page, so make sure you “like”, and comment or message with your costume photos for your chance to win some spooky stuff from The Zombified!!

 First Place 
Choice of  (1) 11×17″ and (1) 8.5×14″ signed art prints
Hallowhaus issue #1 signed comic book
The Zombified stickers and 1″ buttons

 Runners-Up (3) 
Mini prize packs including The Zombified stickers and 1″ buttons

Entries will be posted on The Zombified’s Facebook page in the 2012 Halloween Costume Contest album beginning Friday, November 10th. The winners will be determined by the number of “likes” each photo receives, and you can enter as many costumes as you created this Halloween season (though you can only win one prize). Votes will be tallied and the winners announced here on the blog on Saturday, November 17th.

 And just for fun, here’s a few pictures from my own Halloween! 

Yours ghouly as Beetlejuice

Yours ghouly as the Hitchhiker from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (’74)

Charlie pumpkin!
(I swear I only do this to them long enough for a couple of pictures)


Frankenstein (er… she’s a black cat… that’ll do…)

Kreature (both girls managed to get off the hook this year!)

Midnight Spookshowdown – Tag Team Terrors

November 6th, 2012

Grave Robbing in Texas – Final Art and Progress

November 2nd, 2012

A couple of months ago over on The Zombified’s Facebook Page, I posted (for the first time ever) progress updates for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre (’74, of corpse!) -inspired piece entitled Grave Robbing In Texas.

Here they are again, and watch out for this and a few other new prints over on The Zombified’s Etsy store soon (or check out the Facebook page to pre-order!)



Friday the 13th Postcard Sketch Giveaway!

July 1st, 2012

I’m giving away 5 hand drawn sketches this Friday the 13th on these adorable Year of the Bat postcards!

Comment on this picture on The Zombified’s Facebook page with your idea for your chance to win!

Winners will be announced on Friday, July 13th.

Want to double your chances? Hit ‘Share’ (and leave a comment letting me know you did) for an extra entry.


Monster Dolls Poster Art

April 10th, 2012

Recently created a poster design for belly dance spook troupe the Monster Dolls.

Monster Dolls Poster by The Zombified

Be sure to check out their website and “like” them on Facebook! Also keep at eye out for them (and the poster!) at the upcoming Blood on the Beach event!

Bat Bites – Halloween Season 2011

September 26th, 2011

Welcome back, my sweet little zombies, to another edition of Bat Bites– tiny (bat!) bite size news bits from the world of The Zombified!

Can you feel it? Halloween is creeping up on us deliciously fast! You know for us ooky spooky types Halloween is absolutely the best time of year so, of course, The Zombified’s got all kinds of tricks and treats in store…

First of all, a huge thanks to Amy over at The Ultimate Goth Guide for her beautifully written entry into her Coveting! feature! She also included the Hallowhaus comic in her Books That Go Bump In The Night list of essential Halloween reads. She describes the latest issue of Hallowhaus as: “The perfect comic book treat to serve up for Halloween – as classic as a slice of pumpkin pie and as warm as hot chocolate. A light-heartedly spooky treat for darklings of all ages.” How’s that for a review!?

Planning a Halloween party or two? Just in case you missed it last year: The Zombified offers a freeprintable party kit, featuring 16 different designs!

So many awesome events coming up in and around Houston! Check these out:

–  Splatterfest Horror Film Festival – Sept. 27th to Oct. 1st – Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks – I’ll be vending Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Horror Art Show @ Alamo Drafthouse West OaksSeptember 27th to October 31st – I’ll have several original drawings on display (and up for sale!) all month long

Zombie Walk Houston – October 22nd – The Zombified will be vending once again at Zombie Walk Houston’s fourth annual event

Plus don’t forget to look for The Zombified table at Numbers Nightclub Halloween weekend (28th and/or 29th- we’re still working out the details… watch the Facebook page to be updated!)

Discount time! Enter code HALLOWEEN13 while shopping on The Zombified’s Etsy store for 13% off your order! Ends 10/31 (of corpse!)

In case you missed ’em on Facebook or DeviantArt, check out these new designs! Prints (etc.) coming soon.